Petition Urgently stop raw sewage discharges into Barry's Old Harbour and Watchtower Bays.

We call on the Welsh Government to help stop raw sewage discharges into Barry's Old Harbour and Watchtower Bays. These discharges originate from combined sewer overflows and are discharging increasing amounts of sewage due to the increasing number of heavy rainfall events due to climate change.
This bay has recently been identified as a area which is supporting important wildlife and watchtower bay is regularly used by many cold water swimming groups and paddle-boarders and kayakers.

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We fully realise that untreated waste being released from combined sewer overflows is a national issue and will require large amounts of money to be invested into our struggling sewage network.
But we also believe that the Welsh public are increasingly becoming aware of this appalling pollution and want action to resolve this issue.
Alas vast amounts of untreated sewage is being increasingly released into the sea and frustratingly, there are no monitoring points in the bay ( yet there are monitoring points at Jacksons, Whitmore and the Knap bays).
We therefore call for it to be urgently added to Natural Resources Wales list of bathing water quality sampling points.
The Old Harbour and Watchtower bays are supporting both wildlife and people so should become a priority for Welsh Water investment.

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