Rejected petition We want Jack Sargeant MS to step down from his duties as Member of The Senedd

It is time for Jack Sargeant to step down from his role as Member of the Senedd as he fails to support Buckley Town and its people.
Not only has he not supported the people of Buckley with the removal of the unwanted 20mph scheme, but also he has failed to provide a bank and support Buckley as a whole.
We deserve true representation of our town and someone who will have courage to speak up against the 20mph scheme. To add we need someone to fight for a town in need of investment and support.

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The ridiculous and dangerous 20mph scheme must go...
Buckley needs a bank.
Buckley needs investment.
Buckley needs a better shopping area.
Buckley has a high level of crime.
Buckley needs more restaurant.
Buckley Town Football Club needs a 3G football pitch.
Buckley needs support in tackling anti-social behaviour.
Buckley Tivoli needs support.
Old Buckley Baths needs saving before it's demolished.
The list goes on.

When was the last time he was seen in Buckley?

But remember Buckley is a beautiful town with great history and a huge future, we just need true representation. The businesses we have are fantastic and they need our support more than ever.
Let's find a new representative and move forward.

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We can't accept petitions about appointments or resignations through the Senedd’s petitions process. This includes calling for Ministers to be sacked, resign or for a vote of no confidence.

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