Rejected petition Enquiry into forcing people to take an experimental injection which did not work. Who benefited?

The coronavirus pandemic brought about an unprecedented peacetime public spending boom in the UK as the government pumped billions into trying to fight Covid-19.
What decisions at what cost? Who benefited from awarding Contracts? Why was no risk/cost assessment carried out? Why was the whole nation plunged into lockdown instead of sheltering the vulnerable? Why has Wales got such close ties with the world's most evil regime - China? Who has benefited? When will our human rights be returned?

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Almost two years ago, with the full impact of the pandemic becoming evident, the human rights barrister Adam Wagner warned that it might lead to a suspension of human rights as a kind of “peacetime nicety”. This would be a mistake, he argued: the human rights system was developed precisely as a set of checks and balances, because societies tend to turn to illiberal measures in times of crisis.

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