Petition Urgently instate ADHD assessment and support services across Wales.

ADHD is a neuro developmental condition with symptoms beginning in childhood, and left undiagnosed can be debilitating. Untreated ADHD can lead to hugely increased risk of mental health disorders, eating disorders and suicide, injury and reduced life expectancy, drug and alcohol dependency, unemployment, homelessness and debt, reduced educational success and increased likelihood of entering the criminal justice system. Increased isolation and divorce. The list goes on.

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People who are diagnosed and treated correctly and early, lead fulfilling, successful, and healthy lives, and are some of the most driven and creative people. Many women are overlooked because of lack of training and different presentation of symptoms.
A study carried out in 2015 estimated that untreated ADHD costs an extra £11k per year of both personal and public money. (Daley et. al, 2015) ADHD Action estimate 1.5 million people in the U.K. have ADHD with only 120,000 diagnosed.
There are currently barely any services in Wales. Instating appropriate services with properly trained assessment and treatment teams would undoubtedly relieve pressure on already over stretched mental health and general hospital services at the very least and reduce costs across all government departments. People with ADHD deserve better.

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