Petition Change the way local authorities in Wales are governed using the Leader/Cabinet/Scrutiny system.

The present governance system of the 22 local authorities, which were formed in 1995-96, has been in place since 2000, which saw the creation of the salaried positions such as Leader & Members' of Cabinet as well as paid Members. The rationale for this change was to introduce more diversity into local government and facilitate the opportunity for those which were deemed to be discriminated against.
It is felt that many Councillors are excluded from the decision making process.

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Some twenty years on, many feel that the system has not archived its objective, indeed many feel that its even less democratic than the previous "committee" based system. Many are annoyed at the salaries that seem unjustly generous considering the failing of many authorities.
An Evaluation of Welsh Local Government Executive and Scrutiny Arrangements, published in 2015 by the Welsh Government, highlights the many defects with present arrangements and the phrase "Retirement Club" does not give confidence.
This petition call upon the Welsh Government to address the serious failings in local government and review whether its also time to abolish/merge some authorities as we believe we have too many.

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