Rejected petition Diddymu yr angen i gael caloriau ar fwydlenni. Scrap the need for calories on a menu.

Mae gan gymaint o bobl yng Nghymru anhwylder bwyta felly bydd hyn yn cael cryn effaith ar eu meddylfryd mewn bwytai. Mae yn modd i fwytai gynnig manylion caloriau os yn gofyn am y wybodaeth, does dim rhaid i’w rhoi ar fwydlen! Bydd plant hyd yn oed yn fwy ymwybodol o galoriau sydd yn gallu cael effaith negyddol iawn yn y pendraw. Rhaid i chi ystyried iechyd meddwl.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

As the law requiring calories on a menu only applies to England, I couldn't accept the petition you submitted. Normally in that case I'd suggest an alternative form of words - but we received another petition the same day which I was able to accept. (And we only allow one permission on a particular subject) That one calls for the Welsh Government not to follow the new law regarding calories on menus in England, etc. Hopefully, you'll be able to support that one. If you'd like us to come back to you for comments when the Committee considers that other petition, I'd be happy to include you. Just let me know,

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