Petition Introduce a housing subsidy to allow locals to have the #RightToLiveAtHome

With second homes and holiday lets hollowing out the strongest of communities, the time has come to finally address Wales' housing crisis. People who grew up in rural areas have been keen to share the beauty of their home towns and villages, and have welcomed tourism with open arms through the decades. However, it has come to a point where it is no longer possible for locals to embrace tourists... as locals no longer reside there. Outpriced, pushed out. We no longer have the #RightToLiveAtHome.

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One in three people in Wales are living in unsafe/unaffordable housing. Prices are being pushed up in the more 'desirable areas' & we should not have to be forced to move away from our homeland to make ends meet.

No country should have both a housing crisis & multiple property owners occurring simultaneously. The same way billionaires and poverty should not co-exist, how do we justify empty holiday lets in the winter while people are having to sleep in the cold outdoors with nothing more than a blanket.

A subsidy application process for locals would be an excellent opportunity to rebalance what has diluted the culture & heritage of communities throughout Wales. Evidence & an administrative procedure would have to be implemented further down the line to ensure it is above board, but we strongly feel that this would be a great way to redistribute the 'income from tourism' that locals never get to see.

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