Petition Reconsider the exclusion to care home staff receiving the additional payment for social care workers

The Welsh government is currently accepting applications for an Additional social care payment aligned to the Real Living Wage (a taxable payment of £1,498) claiming that: "The additional payment demonstrates our commitment to improve the status, terms and conditions and career pathways for social care workers."

We feel that by excluding all other essential care home roles, they have devalued our contribution, and are neglecting these essential care providers that Care Managers agree are vital!

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This payment will only be paid to eligible 'care workers, senior care staff, care managers and nurses' and specifically excludes colleagues in the same home who are in roles such as catering, cleaning and maintenance staff, finance officers, therapists, business support, trainers, reception staff and activity coordinators.

As my Care home manager said: "If I don't have people cooking food in the kitchen how will I feed the residents?"
Care work is renowned for being poorly paid so most people who do it, do it for the love and compassion of the people they care for. Whilst recognition for these fantastic roles is long overdue it is vastly unfair to single one role over another in a Care home setting.

Please help support our care home staff!

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