Petition Make Welsh Government Review its Council Tax Bands and Values.

Like all local authorities, Torfaen’s council tax bands and values are based on values, generated in 2003. House prices have increased (at differing rates) exponentially, since then, and this has created a (currently) unfair system; where wealthier households are paying less then poorer. This system needs a complete overhaul, to ensure that the value-based scale is appropriately applied to current values.
Furthermore, this will inordinately impose extortionate rates of council tax, on new-build properties.

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The current value-based scale used (from 2005), places differing values in completely inappropriate brackets and is, therefore, no longer a fair evaluation of the local rates of Council tax.
Higher value houses, in more “affluent” areas of our county, should not benefit from lower council tax rates; and vice-versa.
This unfair system benefits the public purse more than the individual household.

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