Rejected petition A48 - Make It Safe! Provide funds to BCBC to make the A48 safe between Island Farm & Broadlands

In July 2016 Rhys Rubery tragically lost his life attempting to cross the A48 in Bridgend. In 2018 it was announced that safety measures including footpath extensions, safe crossings, improved signage and road markings would be undertaken.

Despite undertaking works, the money was spent between Waterton and Broadlands, with only the signage, road markings and vegetation being removed between Ewenny and Broadlands roundabouts.

We call for funds for the outstanding work to be completed.

More details

Make the A48 from Ewenny Roundabout to Broadlands Roundabout safe for all road users and pedestrians.

1) The extension of the joint cycle path/pavement on the North side of the A48 from Newbridge fields to Island Farm Close to provide a safe walking/cycling/running route for users and children from Broadlands to Brynteg school as part of active travel.

2) Signage to be placed opposite the junctions from Merthyr Mawr road - the existing signage is set back from the junction.

3) Compulsory purchase of land adjacent to Pandy Farm and at Craig-y-Parcau to enable a footbridge to be built over the A48 to enable safe crossing from Broadlands/Newbridge Fields to the dipping bridge/Merthyr Mawr this area is widely used for recreation in the summer. Safe access to the countryside is needed without delay.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

Petitions to the Senedd cannot concern an issue that is the operational responsibility of a local authority and, therefore, we are not able to accept a petition on this issue.

The A48 at this location is the responsibility of Bridgend County Borough Council’ responsibility.

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