Rejected petition make rail replacement buses accept tickets to stop them filling up with unruly teenagers...

As much as we enjoy a freebie, there are some things we cannot put a price on. The safety of others... Yesterday i witnessed a gang of teenagers abuse an eldery gent that got off in porth, they even followed him off the bus. i have also witnessed them opening the emergancy exit doors while the bus is moving, they are vaping on the bus and use very foul language. they egg each other on and im scared that this could result in a freak accident

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it is not fair on paying passengers to have to travel this way, it is very uncomfortable. some stops have around 15-20 teenagers boarding at once. there have been times i have had to step in as they target people that are alone. the driver being alone means he is powerless to do anything. i have also heard stories where groups of girls have followed a single teenager off the bus and jumped her. if these teenagers did not have access to this free bus service then this could all be prevented.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s not clear what the petition is asking the Senedd or Welsh Government to do. Petitions need to call on the Senedd or Government to take a specific action.

Additional information was requested as part of the moderation process for this petition, but was not received.

Without further detail we cannot ascertain if the issue could be addressed by the local authority, Welsh Government or the police.

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