Petition Agree 105 day occupancy, not 182 days, to distinguish holiday let businesses from second homes

As part of its tax policy to limit the number of second homes, Welsh Government wishes to better distinguish between legitimate furnished holiday lets and second homes. The draft Order, despite contrary advice from its own consultation, raises the level of occupancy required for business status from 70 to 182. This is unachievable for most FHLs, which will either close or be reclassfied as second homes as a result. We propose a threshold of 105 days, a 50% rise, in line with HMRC definitions.

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Wales Tourism Alliance, UK Hospitality Cymru and the Professional Association of Self Caterers have gathered evidence from c.1500 small Welsh businesses to show the damaging unintended consequences to Welsh livelihoods and communities of a 182 day threshold. It indicates that it will not achieve its policy intention of limiting second homes, but that it will reduce the number of local Welsh businesses. The report and supporting body of evidence supporting this petition can be found at

The draft Order is the Non-Domestic Rating (Definition of Domestic Property) (Wales) Order 2022

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