Petition Bring back 'right to buy' and 'rent to buy' schemes.

Bring back 'right to buy' scheme so people who rent from local authorities can buy their homes. People in England will be able to purchase their rented council homes as Boris Johnson is reviving this programme.

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The cost of living is high and it is hard to access a mortgage and climb the property ladder. It is important that the government can support people with different finance initiatives.
The right to buy scheme was abolished in Wales in 2019. However, I believe it should be brought back. Many people like myself who rent their homes from the local council have spent thousands of pounds giving these properties a makeover. When we moved into our property it was new but we had to furnish it apart from the kitchen cupboards. It has a sentimental value for us and would be hard to move somewhere else. We really wish to become homeowners, but unfortunately many supportive buying programmes have been abolished like rent to buy or right to buy. To access a mortgage the level of household income should be around 45 to 50,000 pounds. A regular family cannot achieve this. Please support the reintroduction of this scheme. Thank you.

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