Completed petition Reject proposed 36 extra Members of the Senedd by 2026.

Labour and Plaid Cymru propose to extend the present 60 MS to 96 members by 2026. This is a waste of more public money where it can be better used on public services, such as better funding for local councils. With the ongoing cost of living crisis this will result in more waste of public money with the cost of employing 36 members and support staff. I think a vote on this by the Welsh people would be a better idea of democracy at work.

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With cost of living affecting people across society I find the proposal of the extra 36 abhorrent. Public money should be spent on care, councils, supporting local economies and helping people across the whole of Wales.
The people deserve a voice on this issue, and I can only hope enough sign to bring enough pressure to reconsider their plans and think of the people of Wales.

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