Petition More protection for ancient & veteran trees in Wales. Old Trees can be relocated. Stop The Chop

1960's tree felling laws are out of date. Current planning policy allows for the chopping down of ancient & veteran trees.
We call on the Welsh Government to amend Planning Policy in relation to Tree Protection Orders (TPO’s). More protection is required, the laws are far too relaxed.

Planning policies for both small & large-scale developments allow property developers/land owners to apply for a Tree Felling Licence via Natural Resources Wales.

Stop The Chop of ancient & veteran trees.

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Reference Videos on how to move a tree without felling it: -

- How to Transplant and Move Large Trees Featuring an Air Tool:

Tree Moving Machine:

What does it cost to move a Large Tree:

Why allow for an Ancient or Veteran Tree to be felled? It is simple, instead of felling relocate the tree. Therefore, planning policy should be amended to the following extent:
“No felling of Ancient / Veteran Trees, all developers must uproot and move the trees to a very close by location”.
This in turn would not only save the trees but in addition create jobs throughout Wales.

Save ancient and veteran trees.
Stop the Chop!

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