Petition Protect Mynydd Eglwysilan and Cefn Eglwysilan

We call on the Welsh Government to formally recognise the archaeological, historic and prehistoric environment of Eglwysilan.
There is a wealth of important sites that date back at least to the bronze age including "prehistoric" burial cysts and ancient rock art. There's also a major settlement and large zodiac map marked out with major stones.
The concern is that the proposed wind farm will cause irreparable damage.

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The famous dykes are scheduled and threatened to be cut through by the power cables and/or roads that will be required.
Standing and recumbent stones with significant neolithic rock art and ancient cup marks. There are others that also need recording. Their locations and relation to each other are of vital importance and is at huge risk from the roads and platforms that will be needed to deliver and erect the proposed wind turbines.
Link to read more about the "cairn field"-
Link to one of the many standing stones.
Research is only beginning to map all of the standing stones to explore them forming a "star map" that will be of international significance. Moving or disturbing the stones will be a disaster that cannot be repaired.
This "long hut" is one of many pieces of evidence to suggest a major settlement.
Also an ancient church and monastery.

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