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In the past, the education system banned speaking Welsh in schools and harsh measures including the Welsh Not and physical punishment were used to enforce this. Today English is still the main language used in schools. By making all schools Welsh medium we can increase the level of Welsh speakers, combat negative ideology about the language and reach the goal for a million speakers much faster. Children in Welsh medium education become proficient in both Welsh and English.

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Almost everyone I know hated Welsh in school because of negative stereotypes, generations trauma and non-efficient boring teaching methods used in schools. However, the same people later regret not learning Welsh when they had the chance as it is extremely useful in the workplace and is our most direct link to our culture. Learning any language is more difficult as an adult. By giving all students Welsh medium schools, and ensuring students become bilingual Welsh students can keep the option of pursuing further or higher education in either language whilst holding a deeper connection to their heritage and culture. This is Cymru, we should speak Cymraeg.

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