Petition Ban plastic plants in Wales

The proliferation of plastics in the natural environment has long been recognised as source of concern.
Recently supermarkets have began selling plastic grasses, flowers, hedges and even trees.
As these products age, through weathering and UV radiation, they will inevitably begin to break down into micro-plastics which are able to enter water courses, infiltrate ecosystems, and even the organisms themselves.

I propose that the Senedd ban these polluting, unnecessary products.

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Chemical analysis of artificial turf conducted at Yale University found 96 chemicals, 20 percent of them probable carcinogens. In addition, artificial turf contains highly toxic PFAS or “forever chemicals” linked to lower childhood immunity, endocrine disruption and cancer. Children are especially vulnerable to inhalation, ingestion and dermal absorption, as they are lower to the ground and breathe more quickly.

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