Rejected petition Include people with hidden disabilities living in Wales in Blue Badge permit eligibility.

In 2019 the Department for Transport ( DfT) expanded the eligibility criteria for Blue Badges to include people who cannot walk as part of a journey without considerable psychological distress or the risk of serious harm for England only. (See references below).
People with hidden disabilities living in Wales cannot apply for a Blue Badge due to lack of permit eligibility.

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.For example: Many autistic people experience anxiety. The National Autistic Society states that in England the "expanded eligibility criteria will mean that many more autistic people will qualify for a Blue Badge" . Yet this is in England only.
Knowing of the Blue Badge changes, some autistic people living Wales have attempted to apply for a blue badge however were refused, as this regulation does not apply to Wales.

Research was undertaken for the Department for Transport - "Research to assess Blue Badge eligibility for people with non-physical disabilities" and the Final Report was published in April 2019 which supported the English Regulation

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