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My background of spending the last 4 decades monitoring and embracing the Rivers and its wildlife above and below the surface has enabled me to see first hand how wetwipes have had a huge impact on all water sources and ecosystems . From clogging up our sewers to creating floods of noxious waste and even triggering outbreaks of serious allergies.
Researchers have linked chemicals in wet wipes with serious outbreaks of skin allergy problems, most notably dermatitis eczema, Asthma.

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Most wet wipes contain plastic, and because of this, they can cause blockages which back up sewage, and then spill into the Rivers and Seas .
When they end up on the foreshore, they break down into microplastic, and damage aquatic life, as well as the ecosystem.
wet wipes have become one of the fastest growing causes of pollution
We use wipes now, from baby wipes, to face wipes, antibacterial wipes, and toilet wipes, and they’re seriously causing problems in our sewers. Water companies are continuously reporting that wet wipes are the cause of sewer blockages because they absorb the oil and grease that people discard down their sinks.
So what should we do with wet wipes, should we put them in landfill? Neither, given that most of them contain alcohol, cleaning agents, and artificial fragrances that can seep into groundwater

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