Petition Take immediate action to end sexual harassment in ALL Welsh schools, not just secondary schools

The recent Senedd inquiry into sexual harassment in secondary schools has shown the scale of the problem, particularly for girls. The evidence shows that harassment is also rife in primary schools and colleges, and the report recommends further reviews. We can’t wait for yet more inquiries before taking action. The Welsh Government must ensure that the actions taken from the report are immediately extended to cover all settings, keeping learners safe from sexual harassment throughout education.

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The July 2022 report ‘Everybody’s affected: Peer on peer sexual harassment among learners’ from the Children, Young People and Education Committee and the Estyn report ‘We don’t tell our teachers’ from December 2021 have both shown the size and scale of the problem of sexual harassment in schools, particularly facing girls.

The evidence showed that this doesn’t only happen in secondary schools, it begins in primary, and follows young women and girls into further education and beyond. The committee recommended that the Welsh Government commission further reviews into these settings.

Children and young people in Wales have been waiting long enough for action to be taken on this issue that is affecting their daily lives and learning experiences. Another inquiry will only delay the important work of changing a culture that regards commonplace sexualised bullying as a normal part of society and schooling, action must be taken now across all schools and colleges.

Peer on peer sexual harassment among learners

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