Petition Call upon the Health Minister to introduce Heroin Assisted Treatment facilities in Wales

Heroin Assisted Treatment facilities are licensed by the Home Office to provide problematic opiate users with medicinal grade diamorphine to address their addiction and to persuade them to cease using criminally supplied street heroin which is dangerous to health and the cause of the increasing number of drug related deaths in Wales.
There are Heroin Assisted Treatment facilities in both England and Scotland and evidence shows both health and social benefits.

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Benefits of Heroin Assisted Treatment Facilities:
1. They are legal and permissible under HO Licence.
2. They save lives.
3. They prevent ill health and infections.
4. They reduce demands on the NHS.
6. They reduce anti social behaviour by reducing public drug use.
7. They reduce drug litter and risk of transmission of infection via needlestick injuries.
8. They reduce acquisitive crime.
9. They reduce illegal supply of street heroin
10. They reduce violence associated with the supply of Class A drugs.

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