Rejected petition Keep Single Person Allowance with regard to Welsh Council Tax

Welsh Government are looking at scrapping the single person’s discount, which gives people living alone 25% off their bills. Hard-working 'single' people who have saved and improved their homes will face soaring council tax bills. It is essentially a tax on aspiration and pride in your house and neighbourhood. The plans could see hundreds of pounds a year added to average bills.

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Single people are, it seems, supposed to subsidise other households. In a household of two, each person pays 50 per cent of the increase, single people pay 75 per cent, and it compounds each year there is a tax rise. The full Council Tax bill assumes that there are two adults living in a property. There are many households ,where there are several adults of working age paying collectively just 25 per cent more than a single person. Many single people could also say they don't use council facilities proportionally compared to larger households e.g. they have less rubbish than a family of four, but are expected to pay for things they don't use. The burden on single pensioner households is also higher. Older people, who happen to live 'alone', in the ‘wrong kind of homes’, are already struggling to manage the escalating cost of living, will suffer financial hardship.

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