Rejected petition Ensure pupils are given enough study time to maximise school performance

Recently, Ysgol Friars (Bangor) has declined all requests of study leave in the morning. As a result, pupils are having to come to school every day at 9am despite not having lessons. A direct consequence of this new policy has led to many issues such as common room overflows, lack of discipline due to students being tired and a general lack of motivation within the year group. All of this happening while the school has vowed to give a look in to future life, being prepared for university.

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Study leave during the morning has always been approved in previous years. The sudden change in attitude from the school has led to a tsunami of discontent among pupils and parents. Many are furious at the inconvenience such policy brings as transport arrangements are now in jeopardy. Further more, many pupils are having to face the pressure of balancing much needed revision, sleep and school. The new policy is seriously affecting the balance

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