Rejected petition Ban the Sale and Use of Plastic Lawns

Microplastic residues have been found on our highest mountains; in our food & water supplies; in the air we breathe and inside our bodies.

Plastic Lawns;No Wildlife Benefits, Adds to Flooding, Solar heat risk, microplastics which enter our waterways, poorly recycled.

We have a great opportunity under The Environmental Protection (single-use Plastic Products) (Wales) to remove the Single-use element, allowing Ministers to ban any unnecessary and polluting plastic product.

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A simple change could also make sure future environmental disasters are avoided and give ministers a chance to protect Wales from plastics and the planet from additional pollution.

A 2015 study found that twice as much fossil energy is burned for plastic production as is contained in the plastic itself.

Artificial greenery is 'suffocating' wildlife and adding to plastic pollution, conservationists warn -

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