Rejected petition Change how schools educate us on periods.

Periods are treated as an 'uncomfortable' 'taboo' topic and is not taken seriously in our education system. We need to have a CLEAR and REALISTIC education about periods for ALL genders to have. The education system we have now is simply not effective, and does not give a realistic eduaction on what to expect, how to deal with and how periods work. For example, how to know when something is wrong, how all periods are not the same etc.

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I have never met someone who wasnt confused and scared when they got their period, simply because the lack of eduaction in our school system. According to ActionAid, 1 in 4 women do not understand how their menstural cycle works, and according to WaterAid, 1 in 8 women didnt know what periods even where before starting it! Another shoking statistic is that 48% of girls in the uk feel EMBARRESED about their period (source- PlanInternational). There is so much shame around periods and this needs to be stopped in order for everyone to feel comfortable and open to conversation about periods. If school make a NEW plan for how they educate us on periods, it will ensure that everyone will feel like they have been properlly educated, which is NOT the case now.

Why was this petition rejected?

This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.

The Curriculum for Wales – Relationships and Sexuality Education Code includes menstrual well-being within the sexual health and well-being strand. Implementing the Code is mandatory as part of the new Curriculum. Its rollout started in September 2022. The petitioner feels that this addresses what the petition calls for and decided to withdraw the petition.

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