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It is incredibly concerning that there is not one single bone and soft tissue sarcoma specialist hospital throughout the entirety of Wales and Welsh patients must be treated in two of fifteen specialist centres across England. I believe that it is imperative that the Welsh Government fund a Sarcoma Specialist Centre in Wales to be able to improve the speed at which Sarcoma is diagnosed and give patients such as my mother the best chance of survival.

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Last year my mother was diagnosed with a MyxoFibroSarcoma in her foot. She has since had her leg amputated and is now undergoing further chemotherapy and facing the possibility of a hemipelvectomy. Before this diagnosis, myself and my family had never heard of a Sarcoma before. This was not a surprise to me after researching the YouGov Poll in 2020 which stated that 75% of the UK do not know what a Sarcoma is.

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