Petition Open a Keyworker compensation fund for those affected by Long Covid as recommended by the APPG.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the UK’s keyworkers were on the front line. The latest figures now show that there are 2.3million people reporting as living with Long Covid in the UK, and many of those are the keyworkers that continued working whilst the rest of the UK shielded, or were on lockdown and furlough.
Despite the dangers, where some of these amazing people actually lost their lives, today there is no support for those left in the greatest mass disabling event in decades.

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The All-Party Parliamentary group have released the following report and one of their key recommendations was to open this fund. Yet months on and the UK government shows no signs of doing anything to help these people.

We hereby the undersigned call upon the Welsh Senedd to act immediately and correct this morally abhorrent situation.

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