Petition Create a landmark crossing from Baglan Bay to Crymlyn Burrows.

Create a new multi-modal transport link between Swansea and Port Talbot via Baglan Bay and Crymlyn Burrows to enable quicker more direct journeys for all journeys. This would help alleviate traffic issues as well as provide an alternative route for vehicles during emergencies. It would also enable quicker active travel journeys. It has the potential to be a landmark crossing (bridge, tunnel, floating causeway with ship access) with future-proofing built in for possible rail/tram links.

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A new route is needed to provide an alternative to the M4 which is heavily congested during peak hours and with the ageing structures in Port Talbot likely to need replacing/upgrading in the near future it would provide an alternative route to allow closure of M4 for a programme of work.
The TFW Swansea Bay Metro project could potentially enhance rail links or introduce tram services over a new crossing.
The All-Wales Coastal Path could be diverted over the crossing to provide a better coastal alignment.
There is potential for better access and thereby encouraging potential investors/employers into the Baglan Bay Energy Park which is still prime brownfield land.
The bridge could be used to further enhance the Swansea Bay brand.

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