Closed petition Make the Senedd More Representative of the Welsh Population.

This petition is calling upon the Welsh Parliament to investigate the introduction of Gender and Ethnicity Quotas within its electoral systems and calls for more representation of those from a disabled background. Furthermore, it requests what action has this Senedd and the previous five incarnations done to make the Senedd more reflective of Wales as a whole.

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According to the Welsh Government’s own statistics, 5.2% of Wales is of ethnic minority background, however, this number is not reflected in the current composition of the Senedd, a further 48.9% are women according to the ONS and over a 1/5 of the population self-identify as disabled.
However, this diverse makeup is not reflected in the Welsh Parliament.
Only 43% of those elected to the Senedd are women and only 3 members are from an ethnic minority background with little to no representation of those with a disability. Whilst there have been improvements in recent years, these numbers are still shockingly low and have led to vast parts of the welsh population not having their voices heard.
We need representation in the Senedd, so all people's needs are met and understood by their government.

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