Rejected petition Call on the King Charles III of England & HMG to abolish the title Prince of Wales

The accession of William Windsor to this dysfunctional & distasteful title goes all the way back to the original imposed English ‘Prince of Wales’. It has no legitimacy other than that imposed by ancient force of arms. The suitability of this man is debatable. However, the title is an anachronism is this day & age. Removing this title will show Cymru is a true nation that is prepared to stand up and to be free as Ukraine or any other nation dealing with foreign interference in its affairs.

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It’s clear that a modern nation like Cymru has no need to bend the knee to an imposed, foreign national. The continued adoption of this title, originally devised to help conquer & subdue by ancient brutal force, conveys the false impression worldwide that Cymru is a Principality and not worthy of equal representation on the world stage.
It’s clear the incumbent has no deep loyalty to Cymru. He is an Englishman first & foremost. This itself highlights the patronisation of a foreign monarchy that retains the power to impose a person chosen by accident of birth to that foreign royal family. We belittle ourselves & our nation by accepting this imposition. Removing the title from official Welsh nomenclature will strike a huge moral victory for the legitimacy of Cymru as a free nation.

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It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

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