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There are around 1,400 children and young people with type 1 diabetes in Wales. Children living with such disabilities need support in school to manage their condition and ensure they reach their full potential. As a mother, I’m one of many parents whose type 1 diabetic children don’t receive the support they need because of a lack of understanding of funding to support the care required in school. I and others have experienced a deficiency of care support, and I am seeking to change this.

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I’m frustrated with the lack of access for dedicated support; without it, type 1 diabetes can have life-threatening complications. The Equality Act 2010 legally defines children with diabetes as people living with a disability. Education Institutions such as schools must ensure that students living with diabetes are not disadvantaged.
No matter how confident the child is, children are note able to be trained on insulin pumps until the age of eleven, and with children being diagnosed from birth onwards, support between Nursery to Primary School is even more essential to help manage their diabetes.
Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) 2018 Act is a welcomed step; however, it is only now being implemented. The new legislation has brought in a statutory measure called Individual Development Plans to support students by developing a supportive framework to ensure that their academic, physical, and support needs are met.
I'm asking our Government to review current guidance for the new ALN legislation to increase school/Local Authority participation by creating accessible format guides and support that reduces the barrier to access.

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