Rejected petition Welsh Government use its powers to facilitate the testing of a new green-energy-generator in Cardiff

Given if successful this test will open up a virtually unlimited
source of “cheap clean energy” far exceeding any conceivable man-made demand for energy past present or future, as these devices are used to replace existing fossil & nuclear fuel power plants world-wide over the next 20 years + they will inevitably lead to a 95%+ reduction in green-house-gas emissions and in doing so start to slow down, halt and ultimately reverse man-made global-warming something we all want and need to happen!

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This device being nothing more than a simple “Gravity Converter” designed to convert gravitational energy into kinetic energy and the kinetic energy into electrical energy on an industrial, commercial and continuous cycle, such a device actually being defined and determined by Science, Academia & in Law as a perpetual motion device of the “First Kind” a device in which no work would “Appear” to be done, nevertheless is “Done” by the unseen forces of gravitational effect, the simple alignment of gravitational masses in such a way as to initiate and maintain a mass in motion the motion induced being as constant as the mass or masses making up such a system as in the “Perpetual” ebb & flow of the tides or the virtually “Constant” motion of the planetary bodies in “Nature” The gravitational forces being converted are planetary forces generated on a planetary scale, a potential source of energy far exceeding any conceivable man-made demand for energy past present or future pollution free!

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