Closed petition Provide free and accessible public transport for under 18s in Wales to lower carbon emissions and boost growth

Public transport plays a pivotal role in linking Welsh children to educational, social and work opportunities.

However, in light of the cost of living crisis, as well as the climate crisis, it is imperative that the Welsh Government incentivises public transport in order to lower carbon emissions and improve economic growth.

The ENYA conference in 2022, at which 2 young Welsh representatives were present, called on the Welsh Government to 'provide reliable and affordable public transport'.

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The Welsh Government must 'Provide reliable, frequent, available, accessible, safe and affordable public eco- friendly transport to all areas, including rural areas.' (ENOC:

Germany's 9-Euro-Ticket Scheme which provided passengers with unlimited transport in regional and local areas saved 1.8 million tonnes of CO2. The scheme also led to a 80% increase in train trips to rural tourist areas. (Wikipedia:

Public Transport is unaffordable, as Rail, Coach and Bus tickets have risen between 33% and 74% in the past decade. This is worrying, considering 23% of Wales, as well as the majority of under 18s don't have access to a car. Young people are also more at risk of experiencing transport poverty, proving a barrier to accessing educational, employment and social opportunities . (Sustrans:

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The Welsh Youth Parliament’s consultation on public transport and active travel

The Welsh Youth Parliament’s Climate and Environment Committee are currently running a consultation on public transport and active travel. They are keen to hear young people’s experiences about the cost, reliability, accessibility and safety of public transport and active travel. The findings will be presented and shared with the Welsh Government later in the year. The consultation will run until June 2023.

Here's the consultation for young people (under 25): and here’s the consultation for adults (over 25):