Rejected petition Keep Borth connected to Ceredigion

We, the undersigned, call on the Welsh Government to ensure that Borth in Ceredigion is able to access the Welsh bus network.

Mid Wales Travel and Ceredigion County Council are making public transport even less of an option for so many and disproportionally affecting those who already have less mobility.

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Degrading services like this bus route make it harder for people to access services like education, health care and shopping and to get to and from work. Making a service less accessible means fewer people can use it and so becomes the justification for further cuts, and so on. It is essential to increase cheap and efficient public transport options, not remove them – however, leaving the car at home to wait hours for a bus is never going to be an attractive option, yet for lots of us, waiting hours for a bus is now the only option.

Therefore we call on Ceredigion County Council and Welsh Government to provide emergency funding to sustain the service as it currently operates for the next six months; and to use that time to find a viable long term solution, in consultation with local residents - whether through financial support to the current operator, or a new arrangement with a new operator - delivering, as a minimum, the current level of service.

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