Rejected petition Petition to reinstate native (Welsh) area names and offer phonetic versions on signage (underneath).

As with many other countries around the world, now is the time to re-establish our native identity, with the reversion of English-imposed area names, to their true (native language) names.
It is imperative that, to re-establish our national sense of identity and belonging (hiraeth), in this post-colonial era, we allow ourselves to reclaim our land, language and place names. Phonetic versions (on signage) would enable non-Welsh speakers the opportunity to correctly attempt pronunciations.

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We no-longer need to be know by the English language name, meaning “Foreigner” (Wales).
Furthermore, improperly Anglicised spellings, or altogether non-native place names, have been a scar on the mapped history of Wales and have, in some respects, been used as a way of imposing colonial dominance over native populations.
It is only right that we put right the wrongs of the past and create a greater sense of national belonging; whilst making our nation a much more attractive destination for visitors from around the globe.
We can all share in the beauty of our national language and the greater sense of identity that comes with it.

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