Rejected petition Bury all new, and major reinforcements to, transmission and distribution energy cables in Wales.

We call upon the Welsh Government to legislate, where it can, and support calls for all new and major reinforcements to future energy transmission and distribution cables in Wales to be buried, where undergrounding is not adversely detrimental to the biodiversity of the area (eg. peatlands). This would protect the countryside for future generations, increase biodiversity outcomes and increase the tourism potential of the areas involved by reducing the industrialisation of our countryside.

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Pylons, aka transmission towers were first introduced to distribute our electricity to the UK in 1928. It is now 2023 and a major development of existing and new transmission and distribution cables is being proposed across Wales. This could lead to use having a network of pylons criss-crossing the Welsh Countryside.
In order to not impact the biodiversity, beauty or tourism potential in these areas across Wales, we believe there should be a concerted effort to bury both new builds of energy infrastructure and where significant replacements / reinforcements are taking place to the grid.

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It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

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