Closed petition The Senedd should scrutinise the prepayment meter scandal in Wales

We call on the Senedd to undertake an inquiry into the prepayment meter scandal.
Over the last two months evidence has emerged that thousands of people have been switched to prepay meters without the required checks as to whether they are vulnerable.
We at Climate Cymru and other campaigners have been exposing this scandal.

More details

Please see links to stories by campaigning journalists like Dean Kirby at the i Newspaper.
- Forced installations of prepayment meters to stop as courts ordered to end issuing warrants (
- Prepayment meters must be removed for vulnerable families as compensation is not enough, Grant Schapps told (
- i morning briefing: How the prepayment meter scandal was uncovered, and forced change (
- Prepayment meters: Grant Schapps gives energy firms until Tuesday to consider compensation (
- Prepayment meter investigation -

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The Senedd debated this topic

This topic was debated on 1 May 2024

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The petition was debated by the Senedd in Plenary on 1 May 2024.

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Committee Report

The Petitions Committee published its report - A Warmer Winter P-06-1326 The Senedd should scrutinise the prepayment meter scandal in Wales on 30 November 2023: