Rejected petition 1. Have the Green Wedge reinstated on Model farm 2. Remove Model Farm from Local Development Plan

As part of the Romilly estate, Model Farm the first rotational crop farm in Wales, hence named ‘Model’. Farmed by the Jenkins family since 1935, who fostered good husbandry, alongside crops, wildflowers and beef cattle; enhancing wildlife, including at risk and protected species

L&G bought the land in 2000 as part of their land banking and have applied for proposed business park in planning. Subsequently the land was removed from the Green Wedge and then placed in the LDP 2017

More details

Model Farm was included in the Green Wedge by the council as part of policy to preserve from future build and speculative development, to ensure green space between urban areas.
Welsh Government declared a Climate Emergency in 2019, Vale of Glamorgan declared a Nature emergency in July 2021.
Development is not financially viable, as advised by an L&G representative and an independent assessment.
There is no evidence of demand.
There are recently vacated local brown field sites; no need to build on green spaces as per Government policy.
Part of the farm is to be gifted away, placing demand on the public purse for maintenance that are currently managed and productive.
It lies next to the last build Victorian viaduct. Building will obliterate the view and part of local heritage.
Public funds will be needed to build infrastructure and transport hub. Traffic increase to the area will impact the rural Vale.
Sewerage facilities at Cog Moors do not have facility to manage the site resulting in further release of raw sewerage into local seas.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

The Vale Of Glamorgan Council has its own petitions process, which may be more suitable.

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