Closed petition Extend the bus emergency scheme and develop national bus recovery plan

During the pandemic the Welsh Government launched the bus emergency scheme (BES) to safeguard the bus network.

The Welsh Government are now looking to bring this scheme to an end, despite passenger numbers not recovering to pre-pandemic levels.

We want to see both the funding secured for this financial year, and a national bus recovery plan co-produced with bus operators, passengers, local authorities and others, in order to build more comprehensive, sustainable bus services.

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Buses are the most used form of public transport.

People use buses each day to get to and from work, schools, college or university, volunteering, shops and leisure amenities, doctors appointments and other key public services and more.

Buses are important in fulfilling Welsh Government aims of easing congestion, reducing carbon emissions, tackling loneliness, promoting social and economic wellbeing and improving access to services.

With the Welsh Government halting new road building, additional investment is needed in public transport.

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