Petition Close Cardiff Airport and invest in Swansea Airport as South Wales’ gateway to the world

Cardiff Airport has consistently performed poorly and has failed to appeal to airlines across the UK and Europe which would be essential to having a worthwhile airport in the South of Wales. Cardiff Airport is terribly located, being far too close to Bristol Airport, which beats Cardiff in every way. Bristol Airport has over 100 destinations and 13 airlines, whereas Cardiff Airport has 7 routes operating annually.
The airport is constantly experiencing losses and is a waste of tax payer money.

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The Welsh Government should invest in Swansea Airport as the new airport for South Wales. Swansea is the second largest city in Wales and is equidistant from the likes of Pembrokeshire to Newport. This will make flying from Wales a much greater attraction, to both passengers and the larger airlines operating in the UK.

Whilst Swansea Airport does have marsh land surrounding it, there are many development opportunities to overcome these minor problems. Similarly to Cardiff Airport, air traffic can be controlled in a way that minimises air and noise pollution.

Swansea Airport has the ability to create a brand new runway on a heading that means aircraft will avoid flying over houses on approach, and has loads of space for terminal and apron expansion.

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