Closed petition Devolve responsibilities and budgets for trunk roads in North Wales to North Wales.

At the moment all the roads, except large trunk roads, come under the responsibility of the six local authorities in North Wales. Including the trunk road networks within the responsibility of the six local authorities in North Wales will lead to much more relevant and pragmatic decisions, as local authorities are far more in tune with local businesses, communities, and the economy.

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North Wales has some of the largest industrial parks (such as Wrexham and Deeside) in the UK. There are many internationally known companies that have made North Wales their home. It has one of the biggest manufacturing jobs concentrations in the UK. Holyhead, two international airports (Liverpool & Manchester) make it easy to promote North Wales as a great place for investment. Unfortunately, its road network is outdated and is therefore preventing the region from achieving its potential for economic growth. These roads including the trunk roads must be planned and designed together in consultation with the local communities and businesses to achieve the best return on investment. This will address local needs such as easy access to employment. Only a locally based decision will address North Wales' road transport needs. The voice of local businesses and communities needs to be heard.

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