Closed petition The Welsh Government should support greyhound racing in Wales

The Welsh Government are currently considering banning greyhound racing in Wales.

This potential ban has been brought on through a petition submitted by a charity. I believe the information used to create that petition was not factually correct and that they used massively inflated figures on the number of injured greyhounds with no supporting evidence. The charity has been asked for evidence on multiple occasions but refused. The petition gained 35k signatures but less than 19k of these signatures came from within Wales.

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Banning greyhound racing would have an economic impact on individuals involved in the industry. There would also be a direct impact on the Valleys Stadium, and the medium and long term development of the Ystrad Mynach area.
There would also be a negative impact on the greyhound breed.
Valley Greyhound Stadium is currently in the process of becoming a GBGB registered track.

All tracks licensed by GBGB must adhere to the regulator’s Rules of Racing which seek to uphold the very highest standards of greyhound welfare and integrity. There are over 200 rules covering all aspects of how the sport is run and regulated including how greyhounds are cared for when they are at the track, at home in their trainer’s residential kennels, when being transported and into their retirement.

The Senedd currently has a cross party group to support horse racing in Wales, we ask that the same support is shown for greyhound racing.

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Open Consultation

A consultation has been launched by the Welsh Government to hear views on the licensing of animal welfare establishments, activities and exhibits.

This consultation gives consideration to the possibility of licensing owners, keepers and trainers of racing dogs such as greyhounds, including a request for evidence to justify or negate consideration of a phased ban on dog racing in future.

This consultation is open until 1 March 2024 and can be accessed via the following link: