Closed petition Moderate quality agricultural land (grade 3b) should be used for food security not solar farms.

We must conserve 3b land to safeguard food security:
• Only 10-13% of Wales is Best & Most Versatile land (grades 1-3a). Climate change risks change to agricultural land grades
• 3b land supports crops
• Solar farms with 3a land within 3b land parcels are being approved (contrary to Welsh Government policy). Construction/decommission permanently damage land; 3a land will be lost
• Dual-purpose claims to offset land loss have no contractual obligation - sheep rarely graze under solar panels

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Developers target Welsh Government’s (WG) more permissive planning policies: WG decides proposals above 10MW, England & Scotland local planning authorities decide up to 50MW. Solar panels belong on brownfield sites, residential properties & commercial buildings: use existing grid connections, reduce local electricity bills and supply surplus electricity to the National Grid = less demand for grid electricity, and agricultural land (our food security) is maintained.

• Welsh Government Soil Policy & Agricultural Land Use Planning Unit 2018-19 Soil Policy Evidence Programme Feb 2020
• PEDW DNS/3245065 Welsh Minister Decision 27/10/22
• PEDW DNS/3267575 2022-12-19 REPS009WGClimateChange

CAEVOD is against overdevelopment in East Vale of Glamorgan. We support renewable energy in the right location: carbon neutrality in Wales without destroying our countryside.

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