Petition Improve the quality of information used in the Developments of National Significance (DNS) process.

The Welsh Government’s DNS process:
• Is more permissive than England/Scotland so proposers target Wales
• Doesn’t check credentials of companies proposing solar farms
• Allows proposers to influence decisions with unchallenged/unverified assertions
• Uses undefined terms enabling proposers to assert dubious compliance with Environmental Impact Assessments
• Overrides local policy decisions on solar search areas
• Relies on public scrutiny yet minimises public input after plan submission

More details

• Proposals above 10MW avoid local planning rules, 50MW in England & Scotland
• Proposers avoid responsibility by constantly reinventing themselves
• 40 years isn’t temporary. Construction & decommission damage prevent return to original land use; inadequate decommission funding suggests no intention. No local evidence to support predicted CO2 savings, homes powered or wildlife enhancement.
• The proposer assesses LVIA, RVIA & cumulative effect using methodology of their own design e.g. to assess glint and glare
• 10-year Local Development Plan ignored
• After submission the proposer is not required to consult with the public if plans have changed

Developments of national significance (DNS): guidance | GOV.WALES
DNS/3267575ParcDyffryn2022-10-24EXNOTE002Assessment of Environmental Statement Completeness

CAEVOD is against overdevelopment in East Vale of Glamorgan. We support renewable energy in the right location: carbon neutrality in Wales without destroying our countryside.

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