Rejected petition The Welsh Government should promote the use of the play Iniquity (Camwedd) in the Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience of the Curriculum for Wales.

Iniquity (Camwedd) is a new play based on the true story of the Welsh working class martyr, Richard Lewis (aka Dic Penderyn) and the Merthyr Uprising of 1831. The play is set out over 4 acts, each containing 2 scenes and is as true a retelling of the story as can be found in dramatic format.

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The World Premiere of Iniquity (Camwedd) was the first ever live indoor theatrical production held in Wales post-pandemic when it was performed at the Princess Royal Theatre in Port Talbot (5 minute walk from Penderyn's grave) in July 2021, exactly 190 years since the rising began. Then in 2022 the production opened the Merthyr Rising Arts Festival, before touring to the largest arts festival in the world at the 75th Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Receiving 5 star reviews, the production also tabled a petition to exonerate the name of Richard Lewis with a Royal Prerogative of Mercy (posthumous pardon). It is imperative that the next generation of Welsh people learn about these stories. Of how our ancestors fought and died for many privileges that we enjoy in society today. By taking this pivotal moment of Welsh history from the page and onto the stage will prove the ideal means by which we can achieve this!

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