Petition Draw up a new Microplastics Action Plan for Wales 

Microplastic particles have been found from the highest mountain tops to the deepest oceans and plastic microfibres from the clothes we wear are estimated to make up about 35% of the entire plastic pollution in our seas and oceans.

Microplastics have been found to be toxic to marine life and growing evidence suggests they are harmful to life on land, including ourselves.

We call on Welsh Government to draw up a new Microplastics Action Plan to protect life in our seas and on our land.

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Microplastics are thinner than a human hair but they are causing big problems for life in our oceans and on our land

They come from many sources including plastic bottles, vehicle tyres and even from paints on buildings and road markings

They are also in the air and in our food chain. Fragments have even been found in the blood in 8 out of 10 people with as yet unknown health effects  

Welsh Government has a strong record of action on plastics but there is scope for increased action on microplastics.

We ask that Welsh Government work with relevant organisations and experts to draw up a Microplastics Action Plan to include things like addressing plastic microfibre release and microplastic pollution on land and in water courses around Wales and the provision of education about these issues in schools.

Microplastic pollution is a big problem in Wales - we must address it.

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