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Every time the Severn Bridge (M48 Crossing) is closed to traffic, the area including Chepstow, Caldicot, Magor with Undy and Newport East grind to a literal halt. This is, in broad terms, because the Chepstow traffic heading for England has to either circle around the minor roads past Caldicot and through Magor, or head directly down the M48 to M4 J23, turning around the roundabout en masse and preventing Newport and Magor traffic flowing out onto J23. This situation must, and can be, ended.

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On 13/03/2023 at 07:25 I left my address in Undy, heading to work in Portishead. Having left Manor Chase onto the B4245 I almost immediately joined a traffic queue, and the result was that the normal journey of around four/five minutes to reach the M4 J23 eastbound entry slip road took exactly two and a half hours. I had to persist as I was enrolled on a mandatory training course that required physical attendance. This story is not rare; hundreds, if not thousands of people go through very similar ones every time the Severn Bridge is closed to traffic. The entirety of this corner of Wales has to suffer this 'off-switch' and the issue could so easily be alleviated by a simple and comparatively inexpensive slip road between the M48 westbound and the M4 eastbound between Rogiet and Undy. The land is currently only a field, the topography is favourable and a slip road would wholly prevent the effective blocking-off of the J23 roundabout by Chepstow traffic, leaving the switch 'on'.

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