Rejected petition Fund and create a cycle track along a former railway line to safely link local communities.

Since 2008, local residents have been trying to create a safe cycle path and walking route linking communities in Monmouthshire and Torfaen (eg. Usk, Monkswood, Little Mill, Mamhilad, Goytre, Pontypool and beyond) with rural routes and the off-road cycling network. A route following the former railway line and serving numerous communities will enable non-motorised transport to be used for both leisure, commuting and work purposes.

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Despite securing two planning permissions and gaining local support, the route has not been prioritised by MCC or WG for funding. This is despite the route providing a much needed safe route for all abilities away from busy roads and providing both commuting and leisure links with other sustainable transport hubs, such as Pontypool railway station. The route will improve physical and mental health, allow all ages and abilities to access the countryside, support and encourage tourism and provide safe routes for accessing both work and retail. Areas along the route are poorly served with safe cycling provision for all ages and by creating this link, the route will connect with the wider cycle network found in Torfaen, Newport and Caerphilly. The project is supported by communities and organisations in the area and will provide vital links between populated areas, workplaces, businesses and new developments. For further information, please see Usk Trail Access Group (UTAG) facebook page.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

Petitions to the Senedd cannot concern an issue that is the operational responsibility of a local authority and, therefore, we are not able to accept a petition on this issue.

The Active Travel (Wales) Act places duties on local authorities to consult, develop and prioritise active travel plans. They are provided with active travel funding from the Welsh Government to create and maintain routes in their areas and they can also bid for competitive funding from the Welsh Government.

You could consider contacting your local council or your local representatives about this matter.

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