Petition Review Additional Learning Needs policies & make compulsory to FULLY train all teachers and TAs in regulation techniques

A review of the ALN policies in schools and a huge increase in support for the 40% of children who are struggling daily is needed. They need to be taught regulation techniques from early years, creating happier, less disruptive classrooms & providing a tool box to take through life. Long term, decreasing mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse and lowering crime rates.
There are very few Welsh language Specialist Training Facilities discriminating against a right to Welsh medium education.

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1. Teacher training in university should have a significant focus on ALN to ensure the ALNET act can be effectively rolled out. 40% of learners have some form of ALN. This should be compulsory and not optional! ALN strategies help all learners.

2. Neurodiversity Awareness campaign – ND affects at least 1 in 5 people in Wales. Awareness of ND and how it presents and affects people should be commonly understood to ensure an inclusive Wales.

3. Teaching Assistants support – TA’s need to be valued, trained and paid properly

4. Funding for a ND specialist teacher and TA in each LA to support, guide and train staff in school.

5. Welsh medium provision for ALN is not as well supported as in English medium schools and this is not giving equality or inclusivity for welsh learners.

6. 40-60% of pupils with General Learning Difficulties can now not be coded with the new ALNET code of Universal Provision.

7. Parent Support from trained staff who can sign post them to support for their child’s needs.

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